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Efficient and Liquid Banking Sector

With a rapidly developing banking sector, investment capital has become particularly important for strengthening market competition and improving efficiency. With well-capitalized banks, the stable and liquid banking sector has attracted plenty of foreign and domestic investments, which has positively influenced the quality and breadth of services the sector offers its clients, in turn stimulating economic growth through improved lending rates and declining rates of non-performing loans. Recent legislative updates in the sector have been aimed at improving overall efficiency in the sector, reducing the amount of non-performing loans (NPLs) and to improving interest margins.

Expertise that Makes the Difference

With the state of the current investment climate, finding the optimal structure for your deal is extremely important for balancing out the risks and rewards of doing business in North Macedonia. Apostolska Aleksandrovski & Partners understands the issues that businesses face when looking for capital to conduct business with. Our team is on top of the latest banking and finance sector developments. We follow market trends so that we are able to constantly improve our services and provide concrete analysis and advice that our clients can rely on.

Full Array of Services

Our banking and finance team covers the full range of services, including insolvency, bankruptcy, restructuring, bank M&A;’s, general lending, project finance, public-private partnership (PPP) NPL portfolio services, financial regulation and financial instruments. We also advise on specialised matters such as real estate finance, leveraged finance, syndicated lending and acquisition finance. Our team has a particular focus on bankruptcy and liquidation procedures and we are known for our capability to provide ancillary advice on related matters such as securities, tax, corporate issues, pensions and benefits, employment issues and intellectual property. We advise lenders, institutional investors, investment funds, private equity investors, strategic investors and corporates on all types of financial transactions.


  • Bank M&A;
  • Capital Markets
  • Derivatives & Syndicated Lending
  • Financial Regulation
  • General Lending
  • Insolvency, Bankruptcy & Restructuring
  • NPL Portfolio Services
  • PPP
  • Project Finance

Fair Market Competition

More choice, better quality and lower prices are what consumers want from their markets. Although the roots of competition legislation can be traced back to Roman legislation, this common law has evolved to reflect changing modern business conditions. As legislation is changing and as North Macedonia continues harmonizing its national legislation with that of the European Union, keeping up with new regulations and policies is onerous and complex, with potentially damaging consequences for your business. For foreign and domestic businesses that are looking to grow and expand, avoiding restrictive practices and competition infringements is imperative.

Anticipating Risk

Apostolska Aleksandrovski & Partners can help you anticipate risks and solve problems before you face financial penalties, criminal proceedings and damage to your professional reputation. We offer legal advice and counselling in all aspects of EU and Macedonian law covering all aspects of commercial activity. Our team advises on the full range of competition matters, from mergers, joint ventures, abuse of dominance, restrictive practices, cartels, dawn raids and other investigations. Our team maintains professional relationships with the government agencies and authorities regulating competition law in the country and are therefore well placed to help you navigate your business through local legislation.We are also experienced in advising foreign investors on state aid programmes and in providing practical advice on economic regulations and the commercial risks of daily business procedures.


  • Abuse of Dominance
  • Antitrust
  • Cartels
  • Competition Litigation
  • Compliance and Sector Regulation
  • Merger Control
  • Restrictive Agreements
  • State Aid

Full-Service Corporate Advisory

Corporate law is the cornerstone of our legal practice and we advise on the full spectrum of corporate matters. Our skill in corporate matters and mergers and acquisitions, combined with our specialist expertise in ancillary areas enables us to handle the full array of issues that arise in both local and cross-border transactions. We have an excellent track record and our team is broadly experienced in all corporate matters including changes in the commercial register, incorporation and formation of all forms of businesses and companies, company structuring, defining the parameters of the relationships between shareholders, directors and business partners, negotiations, drafting and reviewing joint ventures and share purchase agreements and all transaction documents, financing arrangements and due diligence investigations for share and asset purchases, as well as management of the M&A; process.

Multi-disciplinary Team

Our team of advisors are experienced in highly regulated industries, allowing us to anticipate risk, identify regulatory changes and stay on top of trends and developments that can impact your daily business. Our multi-disciplinary approach gives us the unique ability to offer related advice on issues that arise during the life cycle of a deal, including competition and antitrust matters, intellectual property issues, tax structuring, employment and immigration issues

Local Touch – Regional Reach

As members of the South East Legal Alliance, a regional network of independent law firms advising clients across South East Europe, we excel on transactions with a multi-jurisdictional focus. We can help you coordinate and manage your regional business and legal needs in an effective and efficient manner. This regional platform of leading independent law firms makes doing business in the region easy and gives clients the confidence that they have the best legal team in the region available to them to manage their cross-border transactions in a competent and seamless manner.

Outsourced in-house Counsel

Our clients benefit of having the opportunity to have experienced lawyers on their team without investing time, money and effort on recruiting. We have structured this service to combine in-house and external legal counsel, and have created a powerful, cost-effective and efficient combination for support on routine legal activities.


  • Legal Compliance
  • Registration Agents
  • Anti-bribery and Corruption
  • Commercial
  • Data Protection
  • Joint Ventures
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Private Equity
  • Legal Risk

Giving your Business a Competitive Advantage

Understanding the judicial process in a country where you are doing business can give your company a competitive advantage and a clear path to achieve your strategic objectives. In the contemporary regulatory environment, complex disputes can jeopardise the existence of your business. We take a preventative approach to dispute resolution by giving detailed attention to dispute resolution clauses in contracts to avoid ambiguity and inconsistencies to prevent a dispute before it even begins. However, if a dispute does arise, we tediously explore all of the available options and help clients to choose the best method for their case to resolve their dispute as quickly and as efficiently as possible. We will work with your management team to devise a strategy in line with your business objectives.

Efficiently Resolving Disputes

Apostolska Aleksandrovski & Partners is experienced in advising on litigation, arbitration and regulatory matters. We represent foreign and domestic investors, multinational companies, banks, lenders, loan services, insurance companies and governments to take them seamlessly through the judicial and arbitration process. Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to seamlessly and efficiently handle all types of disputes, including competition litigation, commercial and contract disputes, corporate disputes, employment disputes, banking and finance disputes, insurance disputes, intellectual property disputes, international arbitration, real estate litigation, restructuring and insolvency and tax disputes among others. Our legal teams of extensive industry expertise and particularly focus on highly regulated industries such as oil and gas, construction, mining, telecom, technology, retail and pharmaceuticals. Our team will provide you with expert advice through every step of the dispute resolution process.


  • Arbitration
  • Commercial Offences, Misdemeanours & Administrative Proceedings
  • Competition Litigation
  • Enforcement
  • Insolvency & Restructuring
  • Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Labour Disputes
  • Litigation

It’s a People Business

Regardless of how large or small a company is or how extensive its resources, organisations thrive because of the competences and performance of their people. This is why top global companies have put human resources management at the top of their priorities. Following the constantly developing local laws can be complex and time consuming for in-house legal teams. Apostolska Aleksandrovski & Partners offers a full array of employment law services. We have distinguished ourselves as market leaders in the field and as a result, we represent some of the largest foreign and domestic investors operating in North Macedonia in employment and immigration matters. We work with a broad range of companies from various industries, including financial markets, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and the retail sectors. It is our practice to provide practical, hands on support by maintaining an open dialogue with our clients to understand their business and the sensitivities of each individual matter.

Complete Offering of Employment Advisory Services

Our team of employment lawyers provides support on hiring practices, employment contracts, policies, disciplinary procedures, termination of employment and restructuring as well as the development of corporate immigration strategies, obtaining work permits and residence permits for executives, managers and employees. We help clients deal with executive compensation arrangements and advise companies in employment litigation proceedings

Client-centric Approach

As part of our employment offering, we help our clients to develop and implement best practice in their human resources departments and support them by offering customised trainings, legal updates and notifications, as well as other value-added services. As part of SELA – the South East Legal Alliance, we are also perfectly placed to coordinate and meet your regional employment needs, including stand-alone advisory matters or corporate transactional support. Whatever the issue, we are committed to making sure you receive top-quality, practical advice.


  • Collective Bargaining
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Employment contracts
  • Employment Restructuring
  • Human Resources Policies
  • Incentives and Benefits
  • Labour Disputes
  • Labour Union Negotiations
  • Termination of Employment

Evolving Regulatory Environment

Changes in the energy sector continue to reshape global energy generation, consumption and efficiencies. Factors such as demand and price impact global trends, and governments across the globe have committed to reducing their reliance on fossil fuels, creating a massive transformation in the development of energy infrastructure for alternative sources of energy. As a result, legislation has had to evolve to adequately regulate these developments. In this complex and changing environment, companies are faced with complicated decisions that may impact their overall business strategy. Because energy and infrastructure projects are often faced with a unique set of challenges, the role of the legal support is crucial to the success of a project

Comprehensive Legal Solutions

Apostolska Aleksandrovski & Partners provides services on matters related the power, utilities, oil and gas, mining and renewables sectors. We advise energy companies, financial institutions, investment funds, governments and developers on all types of energy projects. We assist with getting permits and approvals, licensing, power purchase and transmission, and finance and construction. Our experience includes the preparation and negotiation of engineering agreements, construction contracts, equipment supply agreements, power purchase agreements, transmission agreements and interconnection agreements. We can assist you on the entire lifecycle of your project. From planning to construction, financing, management, operation to refinancing and sale, our advice is detailed and efficient. We combine an in-depth knowledge of local legislation with international best practice standards to give clients the best advice available to them in the market.


  • Oil & Gas
  • Power
  • Mining
  • Aviation
  • Road & Railway
  • Social Infrastructure
  • Water and Waste Management

Protecting your Assets

The protection of ideas means that your great ideas will stay your own. Intellectual property protection applies to all businesses, large or small. Your intellectual property is possibly among the most important assets that your business owns and can set you apart from your competitors, be an important stream of revenue or be essential to your branding and marketing strategy.

Leading Intellectual Property Advisors

Apostolska Aleksandrovski & Partners has an established reputation as an important player in the field of intellectual property and we have helped numerous companies protect and manage their trademarks, business and domain names. We recommend strategy, give opinions on registration and infringement, prepare and file applications and follow the registration process. We have experience in preparing agreements for licensing, distribution, technology transfer, franchise, technical support, publishing etc. We have specialist intellectual property expertise and are able to offer advice and representation in intellectual property disputes, including anti-counterfeiting campaigns and actions to prevent black market imports. As members of SELA – the South East Legal Alliance, we are ideally placed to coordinate and manage your regional intellectual property matters.

Following the Latest Developments

Our team of intellectual property lawyers also follows the latest trends and developments at the European level and beyond. With technology and innovation as key drivers of the global economy, intellectual property has come into scrutiny in competition and antitrust cases, and our team is at the forefront of these developments and their possible implications in Macedonia.


  • Anti-Counterfeiting
  • Anti-Piracy
  • Commercial Intellectual Property
  • Copyright
  • Intellectual Property Asset Management
  • Insolvency, Bankruptcy & Restructuring
  • Intellectual Property Disputes
  • IP Enforcement

Adapting to Market Dynamics

As pharmaceutical and healthcare companies adapt to current market dynamics, growth initiatives, targeted deal making, innovation and cost cutting measures create opportunities for increased investment activities, investments, acquisitions, market entrance and expansion and market entrance. Apostolska Aleksandrovski & Partners advises on a broad range of complex cases, working with international and domestic clients on strategic matters and daily business issues. We have a track record of working with leading companies in the market and have gathered significant experience on regulatory issues related to doing business in this sector. Our experience advising clients in this sectors has given us insight on the issues affecting the industry and the understanding to provide our clients with commercial advice to help them achieve their business strategies.

Top Rate Legal Advice

We advise clients on mergers and acquisitions, regulatory compliance issues, commercial contracts and distribution, product liability, related intellectual property matters and product marketing. The pharmaceuticals and healthcare industry is highly regulated and therefore, licensing and compliance issues are tremendously important and must be addressed in a consistent and timely manner. We work with healthcare providers and pharmaceutical clients to ensure that all of the applicable licensing, certification, registration obligations and customs regulations and current and compliant with the applicable legislation. We have prepared and reviewed licensing agreements, manufacturing and supply contracts, management agreements, and registration and marketing agreements. We help our clients to successfully navigate the intricacies of the local market, manage risk and achieve success in their business.


  • Data Protection
  • Development, Planning & Construction
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Environmental Issues
  • Licensing
  • Marketing Authorizations
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Public Procurement
  • Restructuring

Driving Economic Growth

The real estate market plays a key role in shaping the economy of its domestic market. As the single largest component of societal wealth, real estate resources can have a significant impact on the ability of a country to attract profitable business activities and support economic growth. In today’s global marketplace, having the best legal advice available to you is critical to the success of a project and to completing it on time and on budget. Our team combines industry knowledge with practical problem solving skills to get the job done.

Navigating Complex Regulations

Our team of legal experts will take you through the lifecycle of your real estate deal. Apostolska Aleksandrovski & Partners offers clients a team of lawyers experienced in advising on all types of real estate transactions, including the construction of real estate, planning and development, acquisition and sale, joint venture projects, leasing agreements, financing, debt acquisition, dispute resolution and tax planning. We have a proven track record advising on complex projects for investment banks, financial institutions, real estate investors, investment funds and operators. Whether your business involves hotels, office space, retail space, industrial property, social infrastructure or other types of real estate assets, our team has the experience you are looking for to smoothly and efficiently take you through your project and help you achieve your strategic objectives.


  • Construction
  • Corporate Leasing & Property Management
  • Joint Ventures & Investments
  • Planning and Development
  • Project Finance
  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Real Estate Taxation

Niche Expertise

The sports and entertainment industry is a lucrative business. Media and sports figures are often involved in other business streams such as advertising products and services, sponsorships or philanthropy. Apostolska Aleksandrovski & Partners has unique expertise in this developing area and is one of the few firms that has specialised in this industry. Our lawyers take a multi-disciplinary approach and offer superior advice in related areas such as contracts and labour law, immigration, intellectual property, finance, donations, real estate, dispute resolution and tax. Our clients recognize us for our premier reputation and top-quality client service. We advise banks, financers, leading corporations, broadcasters, advertisers, distributors, event promoters and governing bodies on all areas of media, sports and entertainment work.

Full Service Advisory

Our market leading team of lawyers has the breadth of expertise to advise on the construction and development of sports and entertainment venues, employment contracts and player contracts with professional sports teams, investments, sale or purchase of professional sports teams or entertainment venues, film distribution and emission rights, trademarks, brand protection, merchandising and distribution, venue naming deals and more. We are at the forefront of this developing industry and our clients benefit from our dedication, experience, responsiveness and creative solution oriented approach to legal advisory.


  • Brand Protection & Trademarks
  • Construction & Development
  • Distribution Contracts & Emission Rights
  • Employment Contracts
  • Sales & Acquisitions

Minimizing Risk

In a complex business environment that is more uncompromising than ever, keeping taxes to a minimum while staying compliant, transparent and competitive is a top priority of just about every business. As local governments seek ways to exercise their taxing power, the importance of receiving expert advice at the early stages of a project is imperative to minimize the risk of tax disputes and additional costs at a later stage, and for companies doing business in other jurisdictions, a contemporary legal service combining in-depth knowledge of national legislation and international best practice can make all the difference. Our tax advice is designed to meet your legal needs while ensuring that your business is organized in an efficient and tax compliant manner. Our legal team draws upon its knowledge of other practice areas to provide a comprehensive legal service in line with our clients’ individual business strategies.

Strategic and Business-oriented Advice

The tax advisers at Apostolska Aleksandrovski & Partners advise clients on wide area of tax issues. We provide consultancy in corporate and international tax planning, transaction structuring, VAT, tax residence and domicile. Our team regularly deals with public revenue procedures and hearings, corporate reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, the formation or reorganization of international business structures for investments in North Macedonia. We also assist clients with resolving disputes with the Public Revenue Authority and represent them before the Pubic Revenue Authority and the North Macedonian courts. Our team is fully equipped to provide transactional tax advice and to help you build a tax strategy to eliminate risk. Our team is fully prepared to provide tax advice on matters related to real estate, employment, intellectual property, technology, finance and corporate law. We provide a full range of complex tax services that address the needs of international and domestic companies doing business in North Macedonia.


  • Financing Taxation
  • Investment Incentives
  • M&A; Taxation
  • Real Estate Taxation
  • Tax Disputes
  • Tax Planning & Structuring
  • VAT, Indirect Tax & Customs

Innovative Support

The technology and telecommunications sector is one of the most high profile and fastest changing sectors of the contemporary business scene. New innovations and developments create new opportunities for companies working in the industry, and are often followed by the introduction of new regulations by international and national governing bodies. Continued growth and new legislation means that companies in the in the industry are in constant need of legal support and our expertise in IT and e-commerce is one of our strongest. Because many of our clients operate in both of these sectors, we take a multi-disciplinary approach to the legal services that we provide so that clients receive relevant, industry-focused advice. Our legal experts have the relevant experience to advise you on your business in North Macedonia and as members of SELA – the South East Legal Alliance, we can also coordinate and manage your regional legal needs.

Industry-focused Advice

Apostolska Aleksandrovski & Partners has in-depth understanding of the industry, which is critical for success in this area. In our view, the key elements of effective IP protection in software companies should be focused on trade secret protection and copyright protection. We have prepared or negotiated agreements related to a wide variety of IT procurement, maintenance, support contracts and licenses. We have also advised clients on e-commerce regulatory issues such as distance selling, electronic marketing and advertising, competitions and gaming as well as invention assignment, confidentiality and restrictive covenant agreements with employees. We support growing and established technology and telecommunications companies, start-ups and related businesses on regulatory compliance, data protection, incorporation, tax planning, employment matters, commercial contracts, intellectual property protection, mergers and acquisitions. We can work as a stand-alone team or partner with your in-house legal team to provide a customized service in line with your business objectives.


  • Commercial Contracts
  • Competition & Antitrust
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Financing Matters
  • Intellectual Property Advisory
  • Licensing
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Tax Advisory