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Real Estate & Construction

Driving Economic Growth
The real estate market plays a key role in shaping the economy of its domestic market. As the single largest component of societal wealth, real estate resources can have a significant impact on the ability of a country to attract profitable business activities and support economic growth. In today’s global marketplace, having the best legal advice available to you is critical to the success of a project and to completing it on time and on budget. Our team combines industry knowledge with practical problem solving skills to get the job done.

Navigating Complex Regulations
Our team of legal experts will take you through the lifecycle of your real estate deal. Apostolska Aleksandrovski & Partners offers clients a team of lawyers experienced in advising on all types of real estate transactions, including the construction of real estate, planning and development, acquisition and sale, joint venture projects, leasing agreements, financing, debt acquisition, dispute resolution and tax planning. We have a proven track record advising on complex projects for investment banks, financial institutions, real estate investors, investment funds and operators. Whether your business involves hotels, office space, retail space, industrial property, social infrastructure or other types of real estate assets, our team has the experience you are looking for to smoothly and efficiently take you through your project and help you achieve your strategic objectives.


  • Construction
  • Corporate Leasing & Property Management
  • Joint Ventures & Investments
  • Planning and Development
  • Project Finance
  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Real Estate Taxation