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Banking & Finance

Efficient and Liquid Banking Sector
With a rapidly developing banking sector, investment capital has become particularly important for strengthening market competition and improving efficiency. With well-capitalized banks, the stable and liquid banking sector has attracted plenty of foreign and domestic investments, which has positively influenced the quality and breadth of services the sector offers its clients, in turn stimulating economic growth through improved lending rates and declining rates of non-performing loans. Recent legislative updates in the sector have been aimed at improving overall efficiency in the sector, reducing the amount of non-performing loans (NPLs) and to improving interest margins.

Expertise that Makes the Difference
With the state of the current investment climate, finding the optimal structure for your deal is extremely important for balancing out the risks and rewards of doing business in North Macedonia. Apostolska Aleksandrovski & Partners understands the issues that businesses face when looking for capital to conduct business with. Our team is on top of the latest banking and finance sector developments. We follow market trends so that we are able to constantly improve our services and provide concrete analysis and advice that our clients can rely on.

Full Array of Services
Our banking and finance team covers the full range of services, including insolvency, bankruptcy, restructuring, bank M&A’s, general lending, project finance, public-private partnership (PPP) NPL portfolio services, financial regulation and financial instruments. We also advise on specialised matters such as real estate finance, leveraged finance, syndicated lending and acquisition finance. Our team has a particular focus on bankruptcy and liquidation procedures and we are known for our capability to provide ancillary advice on related matters such as securities, tax, corporate issues, pensions and benefits, employment issues and intellectual property. We advise lenders, institutional investors, investment funds, private equity investors, strategic investors and corporates on all types of financial transactions.


  • Bank M&A
  • Capital Markets
  • Derivatives & Syndicated Lending
  • Financial Regulation
  • General Lending
  • Insolvency, Bankruptcy & Restructuring
  • NPL Portfolio Services
  • PPP
  • Project Finance